This could take awhile…

Today my horoscope in the local paper reads:

Due to recent changes and new influences, you’ll be thinking about what to think. This could take a while.

I am in Arizona. Old Town Scottsdale to be exact. That same local paper carries virtually no international news and little national (although to be fair, there is extensive coverage of the earthquake and tsunamis in Japan. Except that most of the tsunami coverage focuses on the preparedness of the Pacific Rim states.)

Not far from where we’re staying there’s a well-known and apparently popular bordello. Right across the street from the drugstore. Draw your own conclusions. There are stores that advertise guns and groceries. Or alternately guns and loans. I’m guessing that means you can get a loan to buy your gun?

Daylight savings time occurs early Sunday morning. Except in Arizona. (Ok, and Saskatchewan.) Cold FX, a cold prevention Sweetie and I count on, is available through much of the United States. Except in Arizona. The closest retailer is in Utah. This matters right now because Sweetie is coming down with a cold. My horoscope might also have predicted a quiet day today.

The point is, Arizona is something of a rogue state. One that marches to the beat of its own drummers, whether they’re Republicans or right-to-bear-arms types. Home of Barry Goldwater. McCain Country. And if the speculation is correct, much admired by Sarah Palin. Daughter Bristol just bought a house in Scottsdale and rumours abound that Sarah will base her next political campaign here.

In a day you can drive from 86 degree weather in the stark beauty of the desert to 22 degrees and snow to witness the spectacular sunrises of the Grand Canyon. There is also some fabulous art to admire, at least where we are. A short walk from our condo, there are private galleries where you can purchase a Picasso or a Rodin or an Erte sculpture. There is some of the best of South West art. There are no velvet cords keeping you at a respectful distance. You can walk right up. And you can buy any of them. If you have lots of thousands of dollars.

On alternate evenings Sweetie and I experienced two very different approaches to entertainment. At a casino, we saw people imitating the Blues Brothers, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and the Four Tops. Tacky. But amusing. At the Scottsdale Centre for the Performing Arts, the sold-out theatre sat in respectful silence as a group of Tibetan monks transformed the theatre into a temporary temple and shared a series of spiritual ceremonies. It was profound.

I am slowing down. Reading a lot. Swimming. Lounging. Thinking about what to think.

This could take a while.


About saxbergonstuff

I'm a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a daughter, an auntie. When I'm not focusing on that, I'm an educator, facilitator and content designer. When I feel like it.
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