Photo Assignment #2 – Yellow

In my quest to develop my photography skills, I promised in a previous post I would take a picture of something yellow. And so I did. (Photo Assignment #1 was in said previous post.) Some were taken on the weekend during my walk with Sweetie, some the day before.

Front Porch Sunset
Ok, not strictly yellow I know but there’s yellow in it. This was taken at the end of a busy work day when the colour began to stream through my home office window. I dashed downstairs in time to grab this before the sun disappeared.
Street Corner Blues

Sounds like a song title, doesn’t it? This marks the corner of the court where I live. It might do double duty on the next photo assignment which is, “blue”.

Yellow on Green

The fact that I can still find yellow leaves on the ground in January shows just how little snow we’ve had. Normally by now, there’s been enough rain and snow that everything is brown much.

A Promise for Spring

It’s remarkable how much beauty there is in a hibernating garden. I never really noticed.

Sunset Arch

I liked the way the sun on its journey reflected off our front porch, catching the shadow of a hanging basket.


This just amused me. I was packing up the camera when these shiny yellow bums caught my eye on the TV! This is just a shot of the screen. I think they are Steelers. And I understand they lost.

Sundown on Olive

I think this is my favourite. The yellow is much softer but it feels sort of ethereal.

I haven’t submitted any of these to the Digital Photography School. There are some really good photographers there. But I’ll keep working on it.

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I'm a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a daughter, an auntie. When I'm not focusing on that, I'm an educator, facilitator and content designer. When I feel like it.
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