Photo Assignment #4 – Green

For this assignment, we were told after the fact that no plants were allowed. However, since I’m not yet submitting anything to the Digital Photography School for consideration, I’m ignoring that. Not that they’re the only pictures I took.

What’s been fascinating for me in these colour exercises is how they force me to look differently at the world around me. I realize how much beauty there is that I take for granted.

Here are my attempts at Assignment Green:

Cactus Worms

Ok, I’ve broken the rules right off the bat. Might as well get it out of the way since there will be more. But you have to admit these little cacti are adorable. I took this last March at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona. So this is actually breaking the rules twice since my assignment photos were supposed to be shot this past week. But they’re just so silly!

Glass from the Past

This is a piece of depression glass that my mother gave me some years ago. I’ve been collecting depression glass for years, mostly in amber. This is one of the very few green pieces I own. It sits on my living room fireplace, just in front of my dried wedding flowers. Lots of memory here. (I think this is my favourite in this photo set.)

Matti's Christmas

More nostalgia. My son made this in kindergarten. Note the “M” on the angel’s chest. I bring it out every year when we decorate our Christmas tree and usually shed a tear or two, remembering my sweet babies. And laugh at the idea that my son depicted himself as an angel. My kids are all adults now and although they tease me for dragging these childhood ornaments out year after year, they always check to see that they’re on the tree. (I confess I took this the first week of January just before we took the tree down.)

Winter Farm

 No cheating here. This is the barn where I board my horse, Gem. I decided that even though the green in the photo is hay, it’s been cut and baled. Not the same as a living plant.

Robbie's Art

Another childhood treasure. I’m generally not a knick knack person but my bookshelves in my home office are rather busy with bits and pieces like this. My own homegrown folk art! The little green dots jumped out at me when I went looking for green. This makes me smile every time I see it.

Sweetie's Dad

 This is a corner of a watercolour painted my father-in-law. I never met him. He was gone before I met Sweetie. He was an artist whose watercolours adorn several walls in our home so it’s a way for him to remain part of our lives. Although a depiction of a plant, not technically a plant…

Heartfelt Jade

Yes, I know it’s really a plant. It’s one of a handful I’ve managed not to kill. It’s been alive for two years now. It was given to Sweetie as a gift when he was in the hospital recovering from bypass surgery. Both the plant and Sweetie are still going strong. (Just noticed how the colours in this are similar to the watercolour above. I think this is my second favourite.)

God in Sin City

Last one. And yes, it’s a cheat. It’s a billboard in Las Vegas, taken with my phone last July through the window of a taxi. The marks are from the windshield. There’s something both weird and retro about it, as if it were a ’60s postcard.

So this assignment’s offerings seem to be heavy on nostalgia with a bit of whimsy thrown in. Amazing where green can take you. Next week’s assignment is monochrome. But no black and white. They don’t make it easy. I’m heading out on the road again to do more training and plan to take my camera. Wish me luck.


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I'm a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a daughter, an auntie. When I'm not focusing on that, I'm an educator, facilitator and content designer. When I feel like it.
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One Response to Photo Assignment #4 – Green

  1. Dan (aka Sweetie) says:

    Hope the digital photography school doesn’t have digital photo police on the lookout or you’d be in big trouble with all that rule breaking, plants, old pictures, etc. I do like this blog though and my favourite the depression glass with dried flowers

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