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Guest Blog: Time to Change the Conversation

This is Dan’s post advocating a values-based movement. I don’t know about you but I’m getting pretty tired of this Right-Left stuff. It’s the stuff of extremism and it’s not doing us a damn bit of good. Left and Right … Continue reading

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The Courtney Effect and the Untapped Power of Unions

I’ve been trying to weave together some threads running through my brain. I’ve been reviewing some anti-bullying teaching material. I’ve been pondering the latest episode of The Bachelor. And unions are on my mind. First, The Bachelor. Yes I watch. … Continue reading

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Labour and the Iron Legacy

Image via Wikipedia It’s hard to feel compassion for someone you’ve loathed for a long time. Yet I found myself feeling sorry for Margaret Thatcher last night. I watched The Iron Lady and was riveted by Meryl Streep‘s portrayal. Yes, … Continue reading

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Three Short Stories from the House of Labour

Story #1: This past week, Caterpillar – after recording record profits and benefiting from Canadian government tax breaks – closed up shop in London, Ontario. The company had been planning to do this for months. It was just waiting for … Continue reading

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Guest Blog – The Real State Broadcaster

Sweetie was seriously annoyed by the latest antics of Sun TV. He’s written this letter to the editor of a local newspaper. I asked if he would mind if I posted it here as well. I read with interest the … Continue reading

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