Letter from Cuba #2: The Patience of Dan

It’ our second full day here and we are beginning to find our rhythm. At least that’s how the day started out.

We tried a different spot for breakfast this morning and had our first good coffee. I had assumed Cuba would have good coffee everywhere. Not so. Then we trekked back to the main lobby for the daily business: stand in more lines to try to get our internet card to work, bring our credit card to the Air Canada people for our day trip, change one of our dinner reservations and get more pesos. 20160326_114615Success on all fronts despite discovering that my phone is too new for internet here; only the older laptop we brought to watch movies on the plane would work.

We were delighted though to be able to log on for 30 minutes! Well I was. Delighted, that is. Dan didn’t really care. He’s always been better at ignoring the lure of the online world than I. But he indulges my obsession. We each checked email, skimming through to see if there was anything important (there wasn’t) and posting a quick update on Facebook to let family and friends know we’d arrived. At this point, we hit the first bump.

I don’t have a great travel stomach. But with the right medications, I usually manage. Unfortunately, we seem to have left a bag with an assortment of meds at home. Including the ones designed to help with tummy troubles. I spent a couple of hours back in the room before I finally felt able to venture out. 20160326_162812We made it to the nearest pool and lounged for awhile, then headed back for naps and showers before supper. I’m happy to report things seem to have settled down. Knock wood. I’m thinking it might have been the coffee. And here’s the irony: Dan can drink coffee without it bothering him. But doesn’t care if he never has another cup. I, on the other hand, have been told I should drop coffee altogether. It’s a contributor, apparently, to said tummy troubles. But I love it. And so I drink it. And every now and then… this.

Throughout my fretting and other details you don’t need to read about, Dan was great. Not stressed. Very patient. Both things I wasn’t, worrying I was spoiling his holiday. He always keeps me laughing at the silliest things and doesn’t fret when things are iffy.

At one point, he tried desperately to capture a lizard scrambling up the wall next to our room but the lizard would have none of it and escaped. No idea what he planned to do with it if he caught it. My guess it was more about the antics of the chase.  Much like the little guy who captured Dan in the lobby.

The toddler escaped his parents, ran straight to Dan with joyous abandon and threw his arms around his legs, hugging him tightly. Dan laughed, said hello, patted his head and hugged him back while his mom made a beeline towards them and his dad watched in amusement. A few minutes later, the little guy broke free again and headed straight back to Dan, running towards him with his arms stretched wide. He flung his arms around Dan’s legs with again and held on tight, smiling and giggling. Eventually the babe was detached from Dan and toddled off with his mom. But not before the moment melted the hearts of everyone watching. Dan’s always been a kid magnet; I think they sense safety. And a kindred spirit.

So now it’s after 11 pm. So far, the tummy has remained stable. We decided to forgo the nightly entertainment, a magic show this time. Although Dan did offer to hop up onstage and show off some of his magic tricks. Like poking a finger in his ear and pulling it out of his mouth. As I said, kindred spirits. Instead, we wandered the paths after dinner, Dan pointing out the constellations and attempting to take selfies in the inadequate light.

He’s sound asleep now, snoring softly beside me as I write. He’ll be up early as usual, padding quietly about our room so as not to wake me. At a certain point, he’ll wake me with a coffee next to the bed. Not the super strong one that did me in today. Just a nice innocuous hotel room cup. We’ll head to the lobby for the day’s business and line-ups. And perhaps the wee one will be back for more hugs. Life is good.


About saxbergonstuff

I'm a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a daughter, an auntie. When I'm not focusing on that, I'm an educator, facilitator and content designer. When I feel like it.
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