Letter from Cuba #5: The World According to Yany

We had been told by friends who have been to Cuba before to expect, for the most part, warm and friendly people and that was certainly our experience whether it was in the resort or off the compound in Moron or Ciego de Avila. Our most delightful experience though was with a Cuban woman we never actually met in person.

Yany was the chamber maid who was assigned to our room for the week. Each day she did the most wonderful things with linens. And on a few occasions, left us little notes of good wishes for us to puzzle over.

On the first day, the most elaborate, she wrote:

pequenasHello… I hope that all its days are full of pequeñas and fantastic breezenesses. His chambermaid, Yany.

The note was propped between the towels shaped like a pair of swans on the bed, sitting on a blanket folded like a heart and sprinkled with flower petals.




In the bathroom sink, more swans and flowers. Even the drapes were artistically arranged.


The second day was less elaborate. No flowers this time but creative nonetheless. blanket swanOnce again a swan was in the picture, created from the blanket with the bedspread artfully arranged around it.

And another note:

livingHello. Today the living show one day you asset in life. He herd her together in smiles! Yany.

We were unable to figure that one out. We would like to think it was something along the lines of, life will bring good things and smiles.


The next few days were almost a disappointment. No swans. No flowers. Just prettily arranged bedspreads and towels to look like bows or fans. Or maybe large pieces of pasta.

Until the day before our departure. The blanket swan was back! With a hat!

20160330_143235And a farewell note:

Hello… I was loved on atendenles. What have a pleasing travel in the morning. Have a good day. Yany.20160330_143249






Muchas gracias, Yany. We’re pleased you liked looking after us. We did our best to make it easy for you and we hoped we tipped you enough. You made our day.

Fantastic breezenesses, everyone. May you herd together in smiles.


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I'm a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a daughter, an auntie. When I'm not focusing on that, I'm an educator, facilitator and content designer. When I feel like it.
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2 Responses to Letter from Cuba #5: The World According to Yany

  1. Paul O says:

    Well, I’m happy to say that I have fantastic breezenesses today, and as the Songkran water festival is starting tomorrow here in Thailand, many of us will herd together in smiles while throwing stupid amounts of water at each other in this drought-stricken country.

    What an amazing level of service, especially when you consider the size of the operation.

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