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Letter from Cuba #6: The Resilience of Revolution

We arrived in Cuba on the heels of U.S. President Obama’s visit, the first visit of an American president in almost 90 years. The promise of “cutting loose the failed policies of the past” and building a new relationship with … Continue reading

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Guest Post – Time to Bring an End to Reality TV

Sweetie is really going to have to get his own blog. According to Reality TV Magazine, there are now more than 200 reality television programs available in North America. Yes, there’s actually at least one magazine devoted entirely to reality … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Time to Change the Conversation

This is Dan’s post advocating a values-based movement. I don’t know about you but I’m getting pretty tired of this Right-Left stuff. It’s the stuff of extremism and it’s not doing us a damn bit of good. Left and Right … Continue reading

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The Courtney Effect and the Untapped Power of Unions

I’ve been trying to weave together some threads running through my brain. I’ve been reviewing some anti-bullying teaching material. I’ve been pondering the latest episode of The Bachelor. And unions are on my mind. First, The Bachelor. Yes I watch. … Continue reading

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Labour and the Iron Legacy

Image via Wikipedia It’s hard to feel compassion for someone you’ve loathed for a long time. Yet I found myself feeling sorry for Margaret Thatcher last night. I watched The Iron Lady and was riveted by Meryl Streep‘s portrayal. Yes, … Continue reading

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Three Short Stories from the House of Labour

Story #1: This past week, Caterpillar – after recording record profits and benefiting from Canadian government tax breaks – closed up shop in London, Ontario. The company had been planning to do this for months. It was just waiting for … Continue reading

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Guest Blog – The Real State Broadcaster

Sweetie was seriously annoyed by the latest antics of Sun TV. He’s written this letter to the editor of a local newspaper. I asked if he would mind if I posted it here as well. I read with interest the … Continue reading

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