Time see what’s become of me

“I look around. Leaves are brown. And the sky is a hazy shade of winter.”

Simon and Garfunkel

Life has gotten in the way of blogging.

I’ve just come home from more than a week on the road, working on a variety of union activities, board meetings, workshops. I missed my third wedding anniversary. I’m spending the weekend in bed recovering from a nasty cold.

What’s become clear is that I need to start saying no to some of the work and requests that come my way. But most of them are interesting. Things I care about. Things I would like to do. Things that give me purpose. Make me feel as if I’m making a difference.

Saying no suggests to me that I’m winding down. Which means I’m in the latter stage of my life. Which means I’m getting old. Or am already there, depending on your point of view. Not crazy about that.

I can hear Sweetie sneezing in the other room. I got the cold from him. It’s worse for him. He has asthma and colds always take a heavy toll. I worried about him the whole time I was away.

We have a week at home together thanks to a meeting out of town that’s been unexpectedly cancelled. Time to get better. Time to prepare for roadtrips all through November and most of December. It’s a sickness.

“Seasons change with the scenery.

Weaving time in a tapestry…”

Next thing you know it will be Christmas and another year will pass. I was looking through some of my posts and came across one written this past January. I’d made some promises to myself which I clearly haven’t kept. What will it take, I wonder?

I haven’t hit the winter of my life yet but I’m definitely in autumn. Now that I think of it, autumn has always been my favourite season. Cool. Comfortable. Beautiful rich colours.

My sister just bought tap shoes strolling down Broadway. Just finished watching “An American in Paris” on TV! Gotta dance!

Feeling better now. Maybe time is on my side after all. Maybe under the weather is a bad time to write.

(I could be one of the girls in this Rolling Stones video from 1964. Sigh.)


About saxbergonstuff

I'm a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a daughter, an auntie. When I'm not focusing on that, I'm an educator, facilitator and content designer. When I feel like it.
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One Response to Time see what’s become of me

  1. Kai Lai says:

    For all those promises never kept, think about opportunities never planned, yet fulfilled?

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