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Letter from Italy #2 – Faith, Religion and Spirituality

I’ve spent a lot of time in recent months thinking about spirituality. What it means to me, how I define it, how it differs from faith and religion. So I suppose it’s fitting that I find myself in a city … Continue reading

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What’s Compassion?

This is a question I’m currently struggling with. Your help would be very much appreciated. A few months ago, I signed on to the Charter for Compassion. The Charter for Compassion is a document that transcends religious, ideological, and national … Continue reading

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In Search of Vulnerability

Okay, here I am. I’m blue. I’m feeling aimless. Without purpose. And I found this today when I went searching for something else. A few million people have already seen this. Lots of them have commented so I don’t know … Continue reading

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The Courtney Effect and the Untapped Power of Unions

I’ve been trying to weave together some threads running through my brain. I’ve been reviewing some anti-bullying teaching material. I’ve been pondering the latest episode of The Bachelor. And unions are on my mind. First, The Bachelor. Yes I watch. … Continue reading

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Guest post – On Feeling Sad

Sweetie came home yesterday perplexed. The post below grew out of our dinner conversation as he tried to make sense of his day. On a couple of occasions in my life I have been depressed. I did not seek help … Continue reading

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Ten Minutes of Gratitude

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Sometimes, loose threads have a way of weaving together in unexpected ways. I found this in my email this morning, sent to me by friend Jane. It’s a TedxTalk and it seems an appropriate follow-up to my post of yesterday, An Ironic … Continue reading

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An Ironic Contradiction in a Noisy Little World

What a weekend! I’ve spent the past two days in my version of geek heaven. I’m really just a junior geek… I know just enough about computers and technology to get myself into serious trouble. But I’m addicted to the … Continue reading

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